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29 September 1985
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Something I've never quite understood myself. I love music, dancing, running; traveled a fair amount--I'm a navy brat. Most people have never seen all the sides of my personality, and I don't intend to let them. Some of my favorite quotes:
"Damaged people are dangerous, because we know we can survive."
"You're going to need a bigger set of balls before this is over."
"Wow. We set off the fire alarm and the WINDOW WAS OPEN...go us!"
"It's the one with the lightbulb on it."
I'm messy but have an eagle eye for detail. I'm lazy but love working out. I wear my heart on my sleeve for a select few, and wear a shield for most. I'm sad but happy, goth but a jock, accepting and yet judgemental. Who am I? Someone who refuses to be anonymous.